Smarter ways to Design 3D Print Prototype Reduce Costs Develop

The size of your company doesn’t matter, your ideas do.
Bring them to the marketplace using additive manufacturing solutions specially oriented to the footwear market.

Solutions for Shoe making

3d printing outsole

3D Printing

Fast prototyping for look and feel objects, speeding up development.

3D Design

Reduce the high-cost barriers between amazing ideas and bring them to the marketplace in a short of time.

3D Consulting

Software, devices, process, everything you need to know about additive technologies.

3D Printing

With years of experience in footwear market, our 3D printing services platform was built to actively support and fit your business processes. Soles, outsoles, heels, insoles, accessories, all these parts can be printed in a variety of materials and colors.

Materials and Colours

Choose which materials and colours are suitable for your project. Flexible, hard material and also the combination of different levels of hardness.

Functional Parts

3D Print parts with physical and mechanical properties, preserving the geometric shape.


3D Print complex parts with very fine details and smooth surface quality.

Large Dimensions

Large printing area allow us to print parts up to 0.4 meters.

3D Design

Have you ever thought about visualize the model before produce a sample? 3D Designs allow you to validate a product in a digital way, collecting essential information so that the start of development is aligned with the expectations of your customer or market.

From scratch to 3D model

Conceptual drawings starting from scratch, customer sketches, or other raw concepts are transformed into a 3D model.

2D Drawings

2D detailed drawings, plots and technical illustrations for instruction manuals and sales literature.

Prepare for 3D Printing

Adjust existing 3D designs to be 3D printable ready.

Reverse Engineering

Existing 2D parts and assemblies are transformed into complete 3D models.

3D Consulting

The way products are designed and built is changing rapidly. Discover what 3D printing and additive manufacturing can do for your company, understand the differences between dozens of technologies and software options, hundreds of materials and thousands of possible applications. We can work with you to identify the most suitable tools and workflow for each step of the product design and development process.

KPI Assessment

Measure key indicators and identify which additive solutions would bring the best cost benefit.

Project and Acquisition

Elaboration of the project and acquisition plan.

Environment Setup


Support for the environment and infrastructure installation.

Roadmap and Training

Develop the Roadmap and training your staff on the solutions chosen for your business process.

3D Consulting

3D services bureau specialised in footwear market

The use of additive tools and technologies is already a reality, however, speaking more specifically of the footwear market, the culture, the costs, and the complexity of this kind of project is sometimes beyond companies reality, making them almost inaccessible to small workshops.

Thinking about this the 3D Services Bureau came about. We merged the knowledge of designers, engineers and developers to create smart additive solutions for the footwear market with the cutting edge 3D technologies available, offering these solutions as well as a service.

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